Pacific Elite Collision Centers

Our History

Our Owners founded Elite Collision Centers in 1998 as a single-shop operation in Fullerton, Calif. The company began making acquisitions in 2002. In 2014 Elite Collision Centers merged with Pacific Collision Centers and rebranded the company as Pacific Elite Collision Centers, creating a 14-store regional MSO company. Since the transaction, more stores have been added, all within a day’s commute. The company is also focused on keeping its geographic footprint within Southern California.

As a regional MSO, all shops have been homogenized in their appearances and processes. With Pacific Elite Collision Centers' growth, we have never wavered from our core values. We hold our employees to the highest standards and our customers as our number one priority. We are a family owned operation that works closely with all major insurance carriers. We have implemented using Lean practices and Lean thinking to gain that scalable and sustainable performance. The stores now have identical workflow processes, management tools, blueprinting, parts procurement, customer service, and communication channels.

Corporate operations are centralized at the company’s Downey East location. Departments include; human resources, accounting, sales and marketing, finance, insurance strategic accounts, vendors relations, compliance and auditing team.

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